Fortis Membership Program

*Overall rate is based off of your card mix. Rate will vary based on your card mix. Average office of this program’s overall rate is 1.5%.

** Fortis Membership Fee will be based on your credit card processing volume. See below chart.

Wholesale Pricing

What is Wholesale Pricing?

Wholesale pricing is Fortis actual cost to run that transaction. This means there is 0 profit markup for Fortis in the transaction.

Every time you swipe a card visa, mc, amex & discover charge a % fee to the merchant (you). Just like when you go to the gas station or grocery store and use your rewards card to get your points, the gas station or grocery store is paying for your rewards. The same is happening when your patients come in and use their cards in your office.

Most companies mark up each transaction with per item fees (15-50 cents per transaction), an unknown % markup and lots of other junk fees. The problem is you have no idea what you are really paying!

Fortis is giving you the processing at the lowest possible cost with NO PROFIT MARKUP ON EVERY SINGLE TRANSACTION. We don’t care if it is swiped, from a stored card or a recurring transaction!

What this has done is brings the average office overall rates (total fees / total volume) to 1.5%. We even have some offices that run lots of debit transactions as low as 1.2%!!! Every office will be slightly different due to their card mix (debit vs credit vs rewards vs amex)… but rest assured, it is the lowest possible overall rate!!

Other fees Fortis Does NOT charge you

$0 Per Transaction Fee (Other companies 15-35 cents per transaction)
$0 Setup Fee (Other companies $150)
$0 Annual Fee (Other companies $200 yearly)
$0 Statement Fee (Other companies $10-$25 monthly)
$0 PCI Fee (Other companies $50 monthly)
$0 Monthly Minimum (Other companies $25 Monthly)

How does the Fortis Membership work?

Fortis wants your business to be successful. We want you to be able to run as many stored card or recurring transactions, without feeling like you are being punished or afraid what “rate” you may get charged.

Instead we charge a flat monthly fee based on your tiered bucket, THAT’S IT!

The Fortis Membership gets you wholesale pricing on your credit card processing, 24/7 Fortis support, our full system of stored cards, recurring payments and its features, integration into ChiroTouch with auto-posting and much more!

Now you know exactly what you are paying Fortis and what you are getting in return. You also know that there is no profit markup in your processing. No more price shopping or haggling needed. You can move forward, focus on your business and process with Fortis for a flat monthly fee and know EXACTLY what you are paying.

Is there a sign up fee

There is no setup fee with Fortis, so it cost you nothing to get started.

There is no contract and no cancelation fee with Fortis, so you have NO RISK!!!

Fortis Monthly Membership