Equipment for Fortis

USB Credit Card Swiper (Required)

A “must have” when processing with the Fortis System is a USB Credit Card Swiper if you don’t already have one. It is extremely affordable and will save you tons of time.

Here are links of the highly recommended swipers from Amazon that we tested to work on the Fortis system:

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USB Signature Pad (Optional)

The Signature Pad is an optional accessory but it allows you to take signatures electronically and the Fortis system will store that signature with the receipt. You can then print or email that receipt with the signature captured electronically on the receipt at any time.

USB Receipt Printer (Optional)

The USB Receipt Printer allows you to print your receipt on standard receipt paper. You always have the option of emailing receipts directly to patients or printing on your standard printer. For those that what to print on receipt paper, this is the best option for you!

Magtek Mobile Swiper

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